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    Sweatbands & Sabotage:

    Murder at Flex-Fit Aerobics!

    A 1980's Aerobics Class Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • As the lights dim and the music intensifies, remember, everyone has a motive, and as they say in aerobics: it's not over until the cool down. So, grab your sweatbands, keep your friends close, and your rivals closer. Tonight, Flashback Flex-Fit might just witness the deadliest routine of the decade. Who will be the last one standing, and who will be caught flat-footed? Only time will tell!

  • Are You Ready to Sweat?

    Setting: Flashback Flex-Fit Aerobics Studio, 1980. Bright neon lights, oversized boomboxes blasting pop music, walls covered in posters of celebrities in leg warmers. Everyone is decked out in high-cut leotards, flashy headbands, leg warmers, and scrunchy socks.


    Plot Overview: In the golden era of aerobics, Flashback Flex-Fit is the hottest place to be! However, tonight, it's not just the aerobics that's intense, tensions are at an all-time high. With the national Aerobic Championship on the horizon, the competition is fierce, secrets are pulsating beneath the surface, and someone might just snap!


    Prepare yourself for a KILLER workout!


    • Cindy Synthwave: The established star of Flashback Flex-Fit. Proud, a bit haughty, and fiercely competitive. Her new energy drink recipe is causing a stir. Her recent alliance with Tony has made her some enemies.
    • Tony Tightpants: The charming ladies’ man of the studio. His flirtations and dabbling in various relationships have caused jealousy and resentment. He's always on the lookout for an edge, leading him to covet Cindy's energy drink.
    • Betty Bumbells: The rising star with moves that are quickly becoming the talk of the town. She's envious of Cindy's status and suspicious of her closeness with Tony. Betty’s found herself in a love triangle she didn’t anticipate.
    • Randy Radiowaves: The ambitious DJ. He's keen to commercialize Cindy's drink. His past attempts to woo Cindy for the recipe have been spurned, leading to tension.
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    Conflicts You Should Know About

    • The Battle for the Spotlight: With the Championship approaching, everyone wants to be the lead in the studio's representative team. There are whispers that someone is looking to sideline the competition... permanently!
    • Love Triangles: With so many toned bodies and the heat of aerobics, passions flare. But who's two-timing who? And who’s not stretching the truth?
    • The Secret Recipe: Cindy Synthwave has created a secret new energy drink, guaranteed to help anyone win the championship. But someone has tried to steal the formula, sparking fiery confrontations.
  • Work It Out

    For those who grew up in the 80's, there was nothing better than the 80's. And one of those amazing cultural abominations was 1980's aerobics, and the outfits, the music, and the unapologetic flamboyance. Things got weird. And we're all about it. Clever plots and plotting trainers aside, imagine your friends decked out in neon jumpsuits, two pieces, and bodysuits. Things could get weird, but you're guaranteed a killer evening.

  • What Comes in Your Murder Mystery Party Kit: 

    Note: You'll want to match the character number with your invitee list carefully!

    • Instruction Packet
    • Party Invitation
    • Character Profiles | 12 or 20
    • Key Character Speeches
    • Evidence Case Files
    • Cue Cards for Character Engagement
    • Voting Cards
    • Award Certifications