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    Elvis Has Left the Building... Dead

    An Elvis Impersonators Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • When the lights of Las Vegas shine the brightest, in the heart of the city's most opulent ballroom, the sequins of a hundred Elvis impersonators glitter in anticipation. This is the Elvis-Off, the championship of pelvis gyrations and smooth serenades. But beneath the hum of classic rock 'n' roll, a deadly tune plays.


    In a room where everyone swears by 'taking care of business,' it's no surprise when business becomes personal. The stage is aflame with drama: stolen signature moves, missing legendary blue suede shoes, and a promised duet that might become a deadly duel. Just as the night seems to hit its crescendo, darkness! When the spotlight returns, it reveals a chilling scene — one Elvis, forever silenced.

  • Are You Ready to Get Your Elvis On?

    Setting: The fabulous and flamboyant Graceland Grand Ballroom in the heart of Las Vegas, decked out in glitz, glamour, and everything 70's. The chandeliers sparkle almost as much as the Elvis impersonators' sequined jumpsuits. Tonight is the celebratory dinner before the Elvis-Off: the most prestigious Elvis impersonator competition in the world. The mood is electric – and not just from the neon.


    Plot: The stakes are higher than Elvis' collars. The finalists have been preparing for this moment their entire lives. Tensions are running as high as those pompadours, and the competition is fiercer than a karate chop from the King himself. As the evening progresses, there are murmurs about someone planning to "shake things up" for a KILLER performance. By the end of the night, one Elvis won't be singing anymore...

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    • Pouty Presley: A veteran in the Elvis scene. He's been the runner-up for years, and people are wondering if he's had enough of being second best.
    • Sultry Suede: Known for a temper as fiery as his performances. If he believes someone's out to steal his thunder, he might just preempt the storm.
    • Velvet Vega: This Elvis swears by his motto, "Always be the King or die trying." With rumors of the missing shoes circling around, many wonder if he’s taken it a tad too literally.
    • Gyrating Gerry: Some say he's got the best hips in the West, but with two promised duets and only one song slot, Gerry might be gyrating into dangerous territory.
    • Mystical Melody: An Elvis with a touch of psychic flair. She's predicted a shocking turn of events. Could she be the one to bring about the prophecy?
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    Conflicts You Should Know About:

    • Love Me Tender Feud: Pouty Presley has been accused of stealing Sultry Suede's signature move: the lip quiver combined with the knee shake. It's enough to drive any Elvis to the edge.
    • Blue Suede Shoes Scandal: A priceless pair of Elvis's original shoes, set to be the grand prize, has gone missing! Velvet Vega had sworn they'd be his, but now, fingers are pointing.
    • Suspicious Minds Affair: Gyrating Gerry had promised Mystical Melody a duet in the final round, only to give it to Hipsy Harmony. The competition isn't the only thing that's cutthroat.
  • In a Room Full of Elvii, Whodunit?

    As the guests enjoy their peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches (Elvis's favorite), things take a dark turn. A blackout! When the lights return, sprawled out next to the grand stage, one Elvis is found... without his signature pulse.


    The room is in uproar! In a room full of Elvii, who would want to bring down the curtain on one of their own? Could the motive be jealousy? Revenge? A pair of blue suede shoes? The stage is set for a night of intrigue, and it's up to the guests to solve the mystery before the next Elvis leaves the building... for good.