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    Comet Catastrophe:

    Murder at the End-of-the-World Soiree

    An End-of-the-World Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • Darkness blankets the city, pierced only by the fiery glow of the descending "Party Crasher" comet. Atop the city's highest skyscraper, a penthouse door swings open, revealing a decadent soirée in full swing. Amid the glitter and glam, tension simmers. Old feuds, debts, and betrayal dance in tandem with the night's revelry. But as the comet nears, a chilling scream echoes.


    Ironically, in the final hours of Earth, a singular obsession grips the guests: not the looming apocalypse but the urgency to unmask a killer.

  • Are You Ready for the End?

    Backdrop: A gargantuan comet, aptly named "Party Crasher," is hurtling towards Earth, guaranteed to make contact at the stroke of midnight. The population has been thrown into panic, but for a select few, the impending apocalypse is just another reason to throw a party. High atop a skyscraper penthouse with an impressive view of the approaching comet, a group of eccentric and oddball characters have gathered for a final fête - an ‘End of the World Party’. The only rule: come in style!


    Plot: The once-familiar line between life and death is blurrier than ever. With impending doom hanging in the sky, emotions run high, old grudges resurface, and the environment is ripe for... murder. Amid the backdrop of revelry, chaos, and absurdity, someone seizes the opportunity to settle scores. But who?

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    • Comet-tary Carla: The hostess of the evening and a renowned space enthusiast. She once had a successful career as a comet chaser but was discredited by a fellow astronomer. Known for her puns, she's throwing this party with an ulterior motive - to see her detractors one last time. 
    • Nebula Ned: Carla's former partner and now rival, he's credited for discovering many comets after allegedly stealing Carla's research. He's at the party, claiming to make amends, but maybe there's more than meets the eye.
    • Meteorite Mandy: An eccentric billionaire who made her fortune selling protective bunkers for the apocalypse. She's here to flaunt her riches, but beneath her flamboyant exterior lies a shrewd businesswoman with a few secrets. 
    • Galaxy Gary: A cosmic DJ, known to play "interstellar" beats. He's here to give everyone a night they can't forget (since there might not be a tomorrow). Rumor has it, he's in debt and desperate.
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    Conflicts You Should Know About:


    • The Stolen SkyNebula Ned took credit for the groundbreaking comet discovery he and Comet-tary Carla made together, ruining Carla's reputation. While Carla has held a grudge for a decade, Ned's own reputation is at risk if she exposes the truth.
    • Bunker BlunderSundown Sally nearly died in Meteorite Mandy's faulty apocalypse bunker and faced public ridicule when she lost a lawsuit against Mandy. As Sally seeks revenge for the betrayal, Mandy defends her empire from any tarnish.
    • Beats, Debts, and ThreatsGalaxy Gary, deep in debt to mobster Black Hole Bobby, sold precious records to Carla, unaware they held sentimental value to Bobby. As Bobby's threats intensify, Gary contemplates desperate measures to escape his wrath.
  • A Comet, a Culprit, and a Crime Without Consequences

    As the night unfolds, the tensions escalate. Guests can see the comet's fiery trail nearing Earth. The music blares, the drinks flow, and somewhere amidst the pandemonium, a scream pierces the air. Someone has been murdered!


    Could it be Comet-tary Carla, using the opportunity to exact revenge? Or Sundown Sally, who's always believed in dramatic endings? Or could it be someone else entirely, seizing the chance to commit a crime without consequences?


    At this party, the stakes are high, the guests are wild, and the culprit could be anyone. It's a race against time, not just to uncover the killer, but also to enjoy what little time they have left.

    It's truly going to be... a KILLER evening!