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    Curves of Deception:

    A Thicc Camp Graduation Gala

    A Fat Camp Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • Amid the battle of body images on Muffin-Top Mountain, the camp stands divided: the past's no-nonsense weight loss goals clash with the future's body positivity embrace. As old faces resent the changing tides and new ones eagerly await their reign, whispers of a scandalous diary detailing camp secrets stir unrest. With threats in the air and a change of management looming, one question emerges - who will survive the night? When tensions reach their peak, more than just calories will be burned. Join us, if you dare, for a killer evening!

  • Atop Muffin-Top Mountain... No Muffin is Safe

    Setting: Thicc Camp on Muffin-Top Mountain is hosting its graduation ceremony, and tensions are as thick as a triple-layered chocolate fudge cake. The venue is draped in banners of both the old and the proposed new camp logos. One side reads:


    "Muffin-Top Mountain: No Muffin Left Behind!"

    while the other side boasts,

    "Welcome to Thicc Camp: Proudly Plump and Loving It!"


    Event Introduction: Good evening, esteemed campers, counselors, and power players! Tonight's the night – the culmination of all the blood, sweat, and tears (most of which were shed at the sight of delicious desserts!). But the night promises more than just diplomas and before-and-after photos. Secrets will be spilled, mysteries will unravel, and by the end, we hope to unmask a killer. It’s not just calories that will be burnt tonight…

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    • Camper Chunky Monkey (Real Name: Monica Jones): A jovial and proud camper who often flaunts her love for banana splits. While she didn't meet the fat loss target, she's confident and sassy, and fully supports Thicc Camp. Rumor has it she's written a scandalous diary detailing everyone's secrets.
    • Coach No-Nonsense Nancy: The strictest coach at camp. She's all about the "tough love" approach and thinks the new management is going to ruin everything. She's made many enemies this summer, especially with those who failed to meet their targets.
    • Camper Lethargic Larry (Real Name: Lawrence Goldstein): Didn't lose weight. Didn't gain weight. Larry just... existed. He knows camp secrets simply because everyone forgets he's around. Despite his indifferent approach to everything, Larry has shown signs of disliking the old management intensely.
    • Counselor Cuddly Carla: A counselor who’s all about body positivity. She has always believed in embracing all sizes and shapes. She’s the new management’s biggest supporter but has faced backlash from traditionalists.
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    Conflicts You Should Know About: 

    • The Diary Debacle: Camper Chunky Monkey's diary, brimming with camp secrets, threatened reputations. Coach Nancy's secret doughnut indulgences and Mr. Old School O'Sullivan's supposed embezzlement were especially at risk. With so much to lose, both could target Camper Chunky Monkey, while Lethargic Larry, an alleged secret snack trader, had his own reasons to clash with Nancy.
    • The Forbidden Romance: Counselor Cuddly Carla and Camper Dieting Daisy's secret romance defied camp policies and attracted whispers. With Camper Chunky Monkey hinting at knowledge of their affair and Coach Nancy threatening exposure, both lovers had motives to silence threats to their relationship.
    • The Ownership Ouster: A contentious change in camp ownership revealed deep-seated animosity between Miss Tender Transition and Mr. Old School O'Sullivan. Their mysterious past, combined with discovered threats against Transition, hinted at a deadly power struggle. Both might resort to extreme measures to secure their positions.
  • Go Big & Go Home

    Hear us out. Regardless of your size, shape, or political tint, wouldn't it be funny as hell to see your friends embrace the bulge, some with lazy pillow-padding, some decked out in sumo suits, and everything in-between? This theme contains a range of personalities, from coaches to campers to the chef, and promises an unforgettably photogenic experience.


    This is your opportunity to go big and go home. Make us proud.

  • What Comes in Your Murder Mystery Party Kit: 

    Note: You'll want to match the character number with your invitee list carefully!

    • Instruction Packet
    • Party Invitation
    • Character Profiles | 12 or 20
    • Key Character Speeches
    • Evidence Case Files
    • Cue Cards for Character Engagement
    • Voting Cards
    • Award Certifications