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    Highway Homicide:

    A Flower Power Fiasco

    A Hippie Caravan Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • In the sultry summer of 1969, amidst the psychedelic dream of Woodstock, a caravan of campers led by the "Magic Mystery Machine" gets stuck in a groove of suspicion and betrayal. As the sun sets on the horizon of the iconic festival, passions flare between Rainbow Rosie and Tie-Dye Ty over musical legends, while jealousy brews over Sitar Sam's stolen love mixtape and Harmony Henna's missing spiritual potion.


    As campfires cast dancing shadows and guitars strum tunes of freedom, behind the peace and love facade lies a twisty tale of secrets, longing, and treachery. This summer, not all vibes are groovy, and the highway to Woodstock might just be a road to murder.

  • Unravel a Mystery of Rock, Romance, and Revenge!

    Setting: It’s the summer of 1969, man! A caravan of colorful campers is bound for Woodstock, the festival of a lifetime. Peace, love, and rock 'n' roll should be the only things on the menu... or so it seemed. As they journey through the groovy roads of New York, the caravan comes to a screeching halt. The lead van, the infamous "Magic Mystery Machine," has broken down!


    Scene: The setting sun casts a golden haze, and the scent of wildflowers mingles with... something slightly skunkier. Beneath the earthy fragrances and strumming guitars, tensions are running higher than a kite on a summer day. With Woodstock on the horizon and the caravan stalled, the vibes are harshing quickly.

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    • Sitar Sam: A spiritual sitar player. Known for his soulful tunes, he recently created a mixtape that confessed his feelings for Moonbeam Maddie.
    • Moonbeam Maddie: A free spirit with a voice like Janis Joplin. She's unaware of Sitar Sam's feelings and is torn between Patchouli Paul and Sitar Sam, creating tensions.
    • Patchouli Paul: Maddie's on-and-off boyfriend. Paul is a meditation instructor who's often seen holding incense sticks. Jealous of Sam's closeness to Maddie and despises the mixtape.
    • Bell-Bottom Billie: A passionate dancer, Billie is known to light up any dance floor—often seen with his radio playing the stolen mixtape, unaware of its importance.
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    Conflicts You Should Know About:

    • The Missing Mixtape Meltdown: Sitar Sam's heartfelt mixtape, meant for Moonbeam Maddie, disappears after an event at Patchouli Paul's home. With Lava-Lamp Lucy's apparent jealousy, Tie-Dye Ty's potential profit motives, and Maddie's newfound knowledge of the love track, tensions escalate, leading to potential motives for murder among the trio.
    • The Psychedelic Potion Predicament: Harmony Henna's special potion for spiritual enlightenment vanishes, causing suspicions especially towards its guardian, Bell-Bottom Billie. As fingers point towards Patchouli Paul and Daisy Chain Deedee, feelings of betrayal and accusations intensify, with Henna's trust shattered, setting the stage for potential dire actions.
    • Vinyl Vendetta: Bell-Bottom Billie parades a unique Beatles vinyl, igniting a claim from Rainbow Rosie that it was unlawfully taken from her collection. Sandalwood Steve's remorse over betting it away and Patchouli Paul's cryptic hints about its origin add layers of mystery and potential motives for malice.
  • A Murder Most Psychedelic!

    As the campfires flicker and the crickets serenade, remember: Not every flower child is as innocent as they seem. So, who in this caravan of characters will rock the night with a killer twist?


    Join us for "Highway Homicide: A Flower Power Fiasco" and groove your way to the truth!