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    Murder at Magnolia Meadows:

    The Great Jello Incident

    A Nursing Home Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • In the luxurious Magnolia Meadows Retirement Resort, a serene sanctuary of bingo nights and knitting circles, tensions escalate to unprecedented levels. The annual Magnolia Ball, a glamorous event where residents show off their finest outfits and dance aided by their trusty walkers, faces an unparalleled scandal: someone has switched the jello flavors! With knitting rivalries unraveling, the throne of bingo in contention, and a mysterious figure diluting the sacred prune juice mimosas, whispers of foul play sweep through the home.


    In this geriatric game of whodunit, as jello servings are suspiciously eyed, one question remains: Who's behind the great jello incident?

  • Madness & Mimosas at Magnolia Meadows

    Setting: The Magnolia Meadows Retirement Resort, a high-class nursing home known for its exciting bingo nights, bottomless prune juice mimosas, and cutthroat knitting competitions.


    Event Introduction: The Annual Magnolia Ball is the event of the year, where residents dress up in their best, toast to life with a touch of chamomile tea, and bust a move - with the aid of their walkers, of course. But this year's ball holds a dark cloud over its head, for someone has switched the jello flavors! It’s pandemonium! Tensions are rising.


    Is there a jello saboteur amidst the residents, or is it something more sinister?

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    • Mrs. Gertrude "Gerty Giggles" Granger: As the president of the resident council, she's ruffled a few feathers (and cardigans) by introducing a ban on loud snoring during nap times. Many feel she’s gone too far.
    • Mr. Patrick "Pokerface Pat" Peterson: The wealthy bachelor has promised to leave his sizable fortune to "someone" in Magnolia Meadows, but won't reveal who. With so much at stake, anyone might have a motive to make sure they're the beneficiary.
    • Mr. Clifford "Cliffhanger" Cline: The home’s librarian with an unhealthy obsession for mystery novels. He’s been dropping hints that he knows something about the jello incident. Could life be imitating art?
    • Miss Clara "Crazy Cat Lady" Cornish: Clara claims her cats speak to her and that they’ve seen something. She's been suspiciously enjoying the swapped jello flavors a little too much.
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    Conflicts You Should Know About:

    • The Great Knitting War: Mrs. Beatrice "Bobbins" Bumblebee and Miss Lydia "Lacy Loops" Lannister have been at loggerheads for years. Each is convinced they're the best knitter. When Lydia’s cat was spotted playing with Beatrice’s wool, things reached a boiling point.
    • The Bingo Brawl: Mr. Oswald "Odd Numbers" O'Reilly, the self-proclaimed Bingo King, has recently been dethroned by Mrs. Dotty "Daubing Diva" Dillinger. Rumor has it Oswald is plotting his revenge.
    • The Prune Juice Palaver: Someone’s been secretly topping off the prune juice mimosas with tap water, leaving half the home... quite constipated. The infamous "Prune Juice Phantom" remains at large.
  • Where There's a Will, There's a Way

    With petty rivalries, deep-seated feuds, and a catastrophic culinary calamity on the horizon, the Magnolia Ball is set to be the event of the decade. And as the saying goes in Magnolia Meadows - where there's a will, there might just be a way... to murder!


    Will the killer be caught before the evening’s end? Only time, and perhaps another jello serving, will tell.

  • What Comes in Your Murder Mystery Party Kit: 

    Note: You'll want to match the character number with your invitee list carefully!

    • Instruction Packet
    • Party Invitation
    • Character Profiles | 12 or 20
    • Key Character Speeches
    • Evidence Case Files
    • Cue Cards for Character Engagement
    • Voting Cards
    • Award Certifications