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    Killer Round-Up:

    A Rodeo Ruckus Mystery Night!

    A Rodeo Afterparty Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • In the heart of cowboy country, where boots stomp and spurs jingle, the Bucking Bronco Bash promises more than just a good time. With the rodeo's grand prize gone missing and the coveted Golden Lasso Trophy on the line, tensions are as high as the stakes. As secrets unravel and betrayals emerge under the neon lights, every twirl, toast, and tune could be a mask for murderous intent.


    So, pull out your cowboy hat and sharpen your wits, 'cause this ain't your regular rodeo party.

  • A Night of Fun, Frenzy, and Felony

    Setting: The Bucking Bronco Bash is the ultimate fusion of tradition and thrill, set amidst the rustic charm of an expansive barn turned party venue. Wooden beams overhead are adorned with fairy lights, casting a soft glow on the worn-out wooden floor. On one end, a mechanical bull whirs to life intermittently, challenging party-goers. A stage opposite hosts Lola "Lariat" Lane, whose melodies waft through the air, occasionally drowned by the chatter, laughter, and clinks of glasses. The scent of BBQ mingles with the aroma of fresh hay bales strategically placed as seating. In shadowy corners, hushed whispers merge with the sounds of fiddles and guitars, creating an atmosphere both celebratory and suspicious.


    The Bucking Bronco Bash, the most anticipated rodeo afterparty of the year, is in full swing. However, this year, it’s not just the bulls that are steaming. Rumor has it that the Rodeo's grand prize money has gone missing, and the Golden Lasso Trophy, the most prestigious accolade in the rodeo circuit, has a surprising contender.

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    Questionable Characters:

    • Daisy "Dynamite" Dillinger - The firecracker cowgirl and famed trick rider. Known for her short fuse, did someone light it tonight?
    • Whispering Wendy - The rodeo's horse whisperer who seems to know more about the attendees than anyone else. But does she also whisper secrets?
    • Calvin "Cactus" Callahan - The cattle rustler turned event security. He's got a dark past and a sharper edge. Did he find another reason to draw his weapon?
    • Lola "Lariat" Lane - The rodeo singer with a voice that could tame the wildest stallion. Her recent ballad hints at a love triangle. Was her next song going to be a murder ballad?
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    Conflicts You Should Know About:

    • Bobby "Bullseye" Brookes, the reigning bull-riding champion, feels threatened. For the first time ever, someone has matched his scores. He's suspicious of his competitors and those close to him.
    • Lil' Lasso Lucy, a barrel racer with dreams bigger than the barrels she races around, has been dropping hints about a secret that could change everything.
    • Chuck “Clownin’ Around” Chukowski, the rodeo clown, has been cracking more than jokes lately. He claims that someone has been tampering with his clown car. Sabotage or just a prank?
  • Truth, Like Bulls, Can't Be Tamed for Long

    As the mechanical bull spins, the line dance twirls, and the BBQ sizzles, everyone's wondering: Who has the most to gain or the most to hide? In this rodeo of riddles, it's not about how fast you can ride, but how quickly you can deduce! It's a dance with danger where truths, like bulls, can't be tamed for long.


    Strap on your spurs, don your detective hats, and prepare for a KILLER evening of mystery and fun!

  • What Comes in Your Murder Mystery Party Kit: 

    Note: You'll want to match the character number with your invitee list carefully!

    • Instruction Packet
    • Party Invitation
    • Character Profiles | 12 or 20
    • Key Character Speeches
    • Evidence Case Files
    • Cue Cards for Character Engagement
    • Voting Cards
    • Award Certifications