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    Deadly Decibels at Sturgis!

    A Sturgis Biker Rally Murder Mystery Party Theme

  • At the heart of the Sturgis Biker Rally, with engines roaring and rock music pumping, the scene is set for an unforgettable evening as the sun paints the sky with hues of fiery orange and deep purple. But this isn't just any evening at Sturgis; it's the night of "The Golden Hog" award ceremony. This coveted golden motorcycle trophy, more than just a symbol of prestige, promises its holder a lifetime of free motorcycle repairs and unparalleled street cred. Yet, just as the celebrations were about to peak, the trophy mysteriously disappears! The atmosphere, already electric, is now charged with whispers, accusations, and suspicions.

  • Are You Ready to Rock?

    Setting: The Sturgis Biker Rally, the heartland of roaring engines, leather jackets, and rock music. The evening's sunset sets the horizon ablaze, the energy of the crowd is palpable, and amidst all this chaos is the backdrop of our killer evening!


    Plot Overview: At the world-renowned Sturgis Biker Rally, a coveted golden motorcycle trophy, known as "The Golden Hog," has been stolen! Whispered legends say that the trophy guarantees its owner a lifetime of free motorcycle repairs and unbeatable street cred. As if that wasn't enough to set the engines roaring, the trophy was meant to be awarded tonight! With the trophy now missing and the Rally in full throttle, tensions are higher than a chopper's handlebars.

    Could this be the perfect opportunity for one cunning guest to commit the perfect crime?

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    • Harley Hattie - Once a pin-up model for a motorcycle magazine, now the owner of a chain of successful biker bars. Rumors have it she's been desperate to get her hands on "The Golden Hog" to boost her business even further. With her beauty and brains, could she be the mastermind?
    • Burnout Bernie - The biker with the oldest motorcycle in town, always sputtering and coughing up smoke. Everyone knows he's been dying for an upgrade, and the trophy's magic might just be the solution. Did his engine's thirst for repair drive him to theft or even...murder?
    • Torque Tina - A motorcycle mechanic with a deep-seated resentment. She was once cheated out of a bike race victory because of a "malfunction" she blames on sabotage. Could she be seeking revenge and looking to seize "The Golden Hog" for herself?
    • Jumpstart Jack - The daredevil who's always the life of the party, known for his death-defying stunts. However, he's recently faced a few too many close calls. Some say he's looking for that one final thrill, and the allure of the trophy might just be it. Would he risk it all for the Golden Hog?
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    Conflicts You Should Know About:

    • Harley Hattie and Torque Tina have a heated history; once best friends, a mysterious incident from their past now has them barely speaking.
    • Burnout Bernie, having been laughed at one too many times for his old chopper, has been throwing shade at those with fancier rides, especially Jumpstart Jack.
    • Jumpstart Jack may have pulled off a stunt that harmed one of Nitrous Nancy's close friends, and she’s out for justice – or is it revenge?
    • Nitrous Nancy's tabloid once ran a spicy story on Harley Hattie's bars, which didn't paint them in a good light. Bad blood? Definitely!
  • Take a Ride on the Wild Side

    Bust out your menacing looks, your leather jackets, and your sleuthing skills...

    With the evening progressing, the air thick with suspicion, and the golden trophy gleaming in someone's secret stash, everyone's a potential victim... or perpetrator. Prepare for a night of wild accusations, crazy revelations, and maybe – just maybe – a chance to discover who’s revving up for mischief at Sturgis!

  • What Comes in Your Murder Mystery Party Kit: 

    Note: You'll want to match the character number with your invitee list carefully!

    • Instruction Packet
    • Party Invitation
    • Character Profiles | 10 or 20
    • Key Character Speeches
    • Evidence Case Files
    • Cue Cards for Character Engagement
    • Voting Cards
    • Award Certifications